Outsourcing Advisory

Client: NYSE major Insurance company
Category: Security Audit
Scope: Corporate Real Estate (high-rise office buildings) globally and Insured high-profile office buildings in the US
Savings: 24% (Cost reduction)


Major NYSE insurance company with a portfolio of high profile office buildings globally with a mandate from the board to develop a framework, identify vendors, negotiate rates and initiate the security audit of all its properties including its investment portfolios


Support the client to develop a framework and select a firm to assess the existing security and emergency programs across the entire organization. Develop recommendations that are manageable in cost and nature, and compatible with corporate culture.


Cost reduction of 24% was achieved by developing an innovative and comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW), Service Level Agreement (SLA), pragmatic and forward looking Performance Indicators (KPI), and detailed RFP pricing grids based on hours (partner, associates, others) and the corresponding fee structure ($/hour), as well other related expenses (travel, documentation)

Approach (simplified)

The results were achieved by exhaustive bottom-up review and analysis of:

  • Phase I: Current State Assessment
    • Categorized the property by risk profile
    • Developed emergency/security guidelines by risk category
  • Phase II: Full scale consulting engagement
    • Site specific Risk Assessment (Risk and vulnerability evaluation)
    • Procedure for future Audit and Document Backup
  • Phase III: Implementation
    • Project management
    • Supplier sourcing and evaluation
  • Phase IV: Post Implementation Operations
    • Quality Control
    • Training and evaluation of programs
    • Benchmarking and best practices