We focus on key performance and cost drivers for the enterprise and develop tailored solutions, drawing upon best practices, business acumen, and experience.

  • Cost Reduction (Supply, Demand and Process)
  • Strategic Sourcing
    • Information Technology and Telecom
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • HR & Benefits
    • Construction, Facilities and Real Estate Management
    • Capital Projects and CAPEX Equipment
    • Professional Services (Legal, consulting, accounting)
    • Manufacturing Equipment, Turbines, Generators, Dispensers
    • Catalysts, Chemicals and Antioxidants
  • Supply Chain Optimization
    • SIOP /SOP
    • Logistics & Inventory Optimization
  • Process Improvement
    • Procure to Pay (P2P)
    • Contract Management
    • Demand Management
    • Asset Management
    • Product Rationalization
    • Lean Six Sigma
  • Growth Strategies
    • Benchmarking & Diagnostics Services
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Development
    • Corporate Development
    • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Post-merger Integration and Project Management
  • System Integration and Technology Enablement
  • Procurement Reorganization and Vendor Management Office (VMO)


Why BP Group

Deep Industry Knowledge Strong Functional Capabilities

  • Expert advice, deep and experienced insights, and systematic approach to identify and prioritize problems
  • Pragmatic, insightful and holistic solutions to deliver sustainable and measurable results
  • Customized approach, securing the best fit with our clients’ mission, goals and corporate culture

Approach & Benefits

BP Group helps clients realize significant and sustainable benefits by identifying major performance drivers for the enterprise and developing tailored solutions, drawing upon best practices, business acumen, and experience.


Tangible Results

Enterprise value is the single metric that best measures a company’s worth. We rigorously measure all of our projects in terms of impact on enterprise value.


Realized benefits have direct impact on a company’s bottom line in terms of valuation & EPS, revenue growth and margin enhancement, cash flow improvements and increased asset and resource utilization.

Speed to Value

Most benefits are realized within 6 to 12 months.


We work with in a highly collaborative and supportive mode with our clients. We focus on Change management, Risk Management and Knowledge Transfer to assure collaboration, performance and long-term sustainability.

Value Creation Process Improvement

Focus on three sources of Value Creation: (1) Revenue Synergies, (2) Synergy Savings & Cost Reduction and (3) Implementation of Best Practices.

Supply Chain Process Competencies

Focus on Competencies in order to achieve sustainable Savings and Continuous Improvements